A platform for graduates of the DE.MA masters in Human Rights and Democracy, the DE.MA Alumni Association, still in its early phases, but has already established itself, as it aims to gather, organise, and support human rights and democracy activists around the globe. The Association is working to create a strong network among its Alumni, strengthening its links with the international community, and helping in the development of human rights in the MENA region. The DE.MA Alumni Association also works to:

  • Promote and facilitate exchange and knowledge sharing among the Members;
  • Provide regular updates on the activities of Members, EIUC, the Global Campus, and other human rights institutions including through the Association’s website;
  • Organise/facilitate activities and events focused on the professional development of Members as human rights professionals;
  • Participate in the Global Campus Alumni Association;
  • Represent the Members at regional and international human rights fora;
  • Build relations with relevant stakeholders, such as other Alumni associations, academic institutions, and international, regional and national and human rights organisations;
  • Contribute to the development of EIUC;
  • Raise funds singularly or in collaboration with Members to allow the Association to conduct its work and carry out its objectives.

Get involved

As an Alumna/us of the Association and following its core principles on the promotion of Human Rights and Democratisation, each member has the availability of sharing and gaining relevant knowledge and accessing educational and professional opportunities that the Association could promote through its network of human rights defenders, activists, practitioners and stakeholders.

Enrolled students and fresh graduates can get involved in the Alumni association in different ways:

• Mentoring (for current student – especially for the second semester in a host university)
• Networking
• Sharing good practices
• Sharing opportunities

Visitor EIUC professors and professionals might also be interested in joining the association

Who to contact:

Ihab Bennar
+212 623 2229 31

Cristina Cardarelli
+39 329 2763 144

Stylianos Kostas
+55 6192 2862 42

Don’t forget to check out and ‘like’ our Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/demaalumni/