Hubs and Ambassadors

The GCA is supported by a growing network of Hubs spanning across approximately 50 countries and 90 Alumni Ambassadors – all of which are alumni of one of the 7 regional Masters’ programmes.

Ambassadors lead the activities and projects of the respective alumni community in each Hub. Ambassadors are the primary contact persons for every member of the alumni community, as well as the reference points for alumni-driven networking, human rights-related initiatives and social gatherings. They promote the visibility of the GCA as well as the regional alumni associations.

Ambassadors are fellow alumni fulfilling a number of vital roles in acting as a bridge between the GCA and regional associations, and individual alumni grouped in hubs.

Thinking of becoming an Ambassador yourself?

1. Send an email to Jennifer at Please also copy in the Secretary General at indicating your interest, city, and why you would like to become an ambassador.

2. Update your profile to allow us to have a glimpse and get an idea of who you are.

3. Once received, fill in the ambassador questionnaire and send back to us.

4. Once we give you a heads up and our records are updated, you’re all ready to go.

5. To get you started, download the ambassador toolkit here.