Other Projects

Every year the E.MAlumni Association implements different projects which aim at strengthening its alumni community so that they can increase their impact. The E.MAlumni Association encourages its members to come up with their own projects and present them to the Board.


A project in which E.MAlumni Association aims at supporting EIUC, and its participating universities in particular, in the advertising campaigns for E.MA academic year. Read more…


E.MAg is the E.MAlumni Magazine. The idea behind the EMAg (issued every trimester) is to increase visibility of our organization and EIUC, as well as strengthen the network, or even incite discussion on a number of important topics in our community. It is an opportunity for members to produce written material but in a smaller scale than for publications. Go to the publication page.

E.MAlumni In The Field

E.MAlumni in the field was thought to network the community, to get close to our colleagues, future graduates, further human rights defenders and interested people. The aim is to increase the visibility of E.MA and help our students and graduates in their professional development, by sharing a short video of 60-90 seconds which comprises all of the elements which E.MA represents.

E.MActivism Prize

The prize is awarded to the E.MA graduate that the class identified as the one who, more than the others, demonstrated solidarity, social openness and activist spirit.

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