Other Projects

Practical Skills Workshop

The practical skills workshops are two-day workshops delivered to EMA students during their first semester. It aims at providing current students with practical skills related to human rights, such as advocacy, project management, or human rights assessment. It has been included in the official curriculum of the EMA programme and its aim is to bridge the gap between theory and practice.

In October 2019, two Alumni went to Venice to share their practical experience with the students.

Milica Matijevic did a workshop onhuman rights impact assessment

Maria Pia Bianchetti did a workshop on advocacy


“I had a class of 18 students and despite the fact that the day before they had a mid-term exam, they have shown great eagerness to learn about this new evaluation technique, have asked me many interesting questions and have participated with the enthusiasm in the role-plays and other learning exercises I have prepared for them. For me, this was an opportunity to reconnect with my memories from the time I was masterina (academic year 2004/2005), but also a chance to give something in return for all I got while attending EMA. (…) I would also like to thank to the persons engaged in the EMAlumni Association for their efforts to keep us all together around the great project called EMA.”
Milica Matijevic

If you are an alum and want to go back to Venice to share your experience, don’t miss our call for participants in June.

Human Rights Defenders Cluster

The cluster aims to contribute from a practice-oriented perspective to the academic programme of the E.MA. Many alumni have worked as human rights defenders or with organisations and institutions that work to promote and protect the work of defenders and the space within which they operate. The cluster looks at the legal and policy frameworks, studies a number of in-depth case studies and includes a practical exercise.

(Kersty McCourt, Mark McGinty and Antonia Barradas in 2017)

The Human Rights Defenders Cluster is no longer taking place because the EMA Programe decided to develop new activities, such as the Practical Skills Seminar.