Accountability Unit

What is the Accountability Unit?

The Accountability Unit is an independent NGO which advances conflict related gender based rights through litigation, advocacy, research and mentoring. We work with partners in countries where there is an urgent need to legally support women, girls and others facing severe human rights violations because of their gender.  

How it all started

My colleague Ms. Şebnem Erener and I (Aarif Abraham) are human rights lawyers. We founded Accountability Unit last year having been compelled by the absence of redress, through legal means, for widespread sexual violence and gender-based harm especially where societal conflict exacerbates such harm. We provide specialist legal assistance for survivors and support those that defend their dignity and human rights locally through legal advocacy, policy-advice and mentoring.

Main goals

Our technology-led network directs and brings together skilled international rights practitioners with local activists, lawyers and policy-makers to: A. Strengthen access to justice for marginalised women and girls by obtaining redress, remedies and reparations for victims through petitioning legal institutions; B. Hold states and individuals accountable for gender-related human rights violations by identifying and monitoring enforcement of rights and court decisions; and C. Enhance gender equality and prevent violations through gender mainstreaming and raising awareness of gender issues among stakeholders and society-at-large.  

Current activities and status

As a new charity and NGO, we have raised awareness about gender-based harm, built a constructive dialogue with ministries and interested parliamentarians, established a professional network of human rights professionals and built an organisational infrastructure to assist survivors who otherwise would receive no help. Over the past year we have made a number of legal submissions on behalf of survivors before the Turkish Constitutional Court, ECtHR, and UN Special Procedures as well as undertaken advocacy work (focusing on international and national stakeholders) both publicly and privately to the benefit of individual survivors. We have reached this far through the goodwill of a number of extremely kind and dedicated volunteers. Whilst the work that we do in places like Turkey is challenging we aim to make our work scaleable and sustainable to address the urgent needs for survivors.  

Would you like to contribute to this campaign?

This project is looking for people who can help with fundraising, translation, writing, editing and social media dissemination. If you are interested in contributing to the cause, feel free to contact the organisers (on the right side) through your GCA profile!