Group of Youth for Interethnic Solidarity

What is the Group of Youth for Interethnic Solidarity?

A platform that unites around 20 minority youth activists from different HR organizations and ethno-linguistic communities.

How it all started?

Group of Youth for Interethnic Solidarity is a platform created with support and initiative of GCA Alumni in Moldova. The platform was launched in December 2016 to promote and defend minority rights through using national and international minority rights mechanisms. The platform is open for any kind of collaboration and is ready to offer its expertise on minority issues in Moldova.

Main goals

To ensure better protection of minority rights in Moldova; To eliminate stereotypes against minorities; To raise solidarity among minority groups.

Current activities and status

As for now, the platform organized the First Minority Youth Forum in Moldova, debates and discussions in regions populated with minority groups. The group sumbitted several alternative reports to the UN Comittee for Elimination of Racial Discrimination and prepares the First Minority Rights Summer Camp wich will be organized in August, 2017 in Moldova.

Would you like to contribute to this campaign?

This project is looking for people who can help mainly with social media dissemination, but any help or contribution is welcome! If you are interested in contributing to the cause, feel free to contact the organisers (on the right side) through your GCA profile!