White Code Centre

What is the White Code Centre?

White Code Centre is an organization that uses photos, videos, designs, music and art to communicate issues of law, human rights and social justice.

How it all started

White Code Centre was formed in order to simplify legal and human rights issues - to bridge the gap between knowledge and ignorance. Taking cogniscance of the incredible impact visuals have in changing perceptions and triggering meaningful conversations, the Centre was also established as a non-profit that makes use of tools such as videos, pictures, designs, drawings, paintings and music to drive change.

Main goals

1. Driving changes in policy, attitudes and perceptions through provocative images and sounds. 2. Enhancing the understanding of human rights law and making it more relatable to non-lawyers and non-activists. 3. Embarking on activities which seek to empower young people to become change agents in Africa.

What the initiative has achieved

So far, we have successfully launched 5 visual campaigns, produced one short film and released a total of 12 advocacy videos. Thousands have interacted with our campaigns and we have been invited to share with NGOs how to leverage on audio-visuals in presenting a more effective human rights message. The impact of our work has spread across Africa and extended into Europe and the United States and this has helped us forge meaningful partnerships as a result.

Would you like to contribute to this project?

This initiative is looking for help with social media dissemination, in person volunteering, and fundraising. If you would like to contribute, contact Adebayo Okeowo through your GCA profile!