Rights! aims to be an independent, accessible and egalitarian platform where different views, ideas, approaches, interests and practices meet. It gathers together think pieces, comments from the field, case studies, interviews, critiques and provocations from established and emerging human rights professionals from all regions of the world.

How it all started

Human rights and democratisation are live, active discourses that engage highly passionate responses. By challenging ourselves and others to critique and re-imagine the promotion and protection of human rights and democratisation, our conversations are made all the more interesting and the shared learning enriched. Aware of a gap in multifaceted and multidisciplinary communication and debates about human rights and democratisation, we created Rights! to offer a new avenue for critical engagement.

Main goals

The objectives of the platform are to:
  • showcase quality pieces by academics, practitioners, (inter)governmental officials, graduates and students alike
  • speak on a variety of human rights and democratisation issues to a larger audience than the ‘converted’
  • offer information and orientation about events, activities, publications and people
  • enable cross-learning among different constituencies
  • inspire prompt reactions, debates and further cooperation

What the initiative has achieved

The platform has been officially running since October 2015 with a constant flow of monthly contributions and an increasing audience of activists, academics, students, professionals from all regions of the world.