2020 EMAlumni Award

Laura Pasquero was the recipient of the EMAlumni Award 2020! She was nominated and selected for her unwavering commitment to advocate for the human rights of survivors of gender-based violence through her extensive work in the area of GBV protection. She is currently working as a consultant within the area.

In 2020, for the second time, the EMAlumni Association recognises the value and contribution that EMA alumni bring to society, as a legacy of the EMA spirit and commitment towards the advancement of human rights and democratisation.

The award is aimed at recognising the work of an Alum who, through their work and/or volunteering activities has made (and is making) a significant contribution to the advancement of human rights and democratisation in the world.

See below the GCA video to celebrate 70 years on the UDHR featuring Laura:

Please note that some of the 2020 nominations, unfortunately, could not be taken into consideration because of a conflict of interest and were deemed invalid. We apologise for any misunderstanding and we have tried to make the criteria more clear for the next editions.