Career resources for the Global Campus Alumni


Welcome, Global Campus Alumni. 

This is an experimental webpage which contains various resources to help you advance your next steps in your human rights career.

    Job boards for human rights graduates:

    1. ReliefWeb: ReliefWeb – Humanitarian crisis information and job opportunities in the humanitarian and development sectors.

    2. Impactpool: Impactpool – Global career platform connecting professionals with job opportunities in the international development sector.

    3. Devex: Devex – Media platform offering news, analysis, and job opportunities in the global development sector.

    4. Global Jobs: Global Jobs – Comprehensive list of international job opportunities in various fields, including human rights and development.

    5. Human Rights Watch Careers: HRW Careers – Employment portal for Human Rights Watch, featuring job opportunities in the field of human rights.

    6. The Idealist: Idealist – Platform connecting individuals with nonprofit organizations, offering job opportunities, internships, and volunteer positions.

    7. Human Rights Careers: Human Rights Careers – Resource providing information and job opportunities in the field of human rights globally.

    8. LinkedIn Job Search: LinkedIn Job Search – Job listings section of the LinkedIn platform for finding and applying for various positions.

    9. LinkedIn Job Search using Posts: LinkedIn Job Search using Posts – Specialized LinkedIn search for job posts related to human rights within the past month.

    10. Indev Jobs: Indev Jobs – Platform providing job listings in the international development sector, including opportunities in human rights.

    11. UNjobnet: UNjobnet – Portal for United Nations job opportunities across various agencies and fields.

    12. Indeed (US-based jobs): Indeed – Popular job search engine, with this link specifically filtering human rights jobs based in the United States.

    13. Charityjobs (UK-based jobs): Charityjobs – Platform for job opportunities in the charity sector, including human rights positions based in the United Kingdom.

    14. Intjobs: Intjobs – Job listings in international affairs, including roles in human rights and democracy.

    15. Amnesty International Careers: Amnesty International Careers – Employment portal for Amnesty International, featuring job opportunities in the field of human rights.

    16. International Organization for Migration (IOM):

      • IOM Careers
      • Offers career opportunities with the International Organization for Migration, specializing in migration-related issues.
    17. United Nations Development Programme (UNDP):

      • UNDP Jobs
      • UNDP provides job opportunities in various development areas, including democracy and human rights.
    18. EuroBrussels:

      • EuroBrussels
      • Specialized job board focusing on European affairs, including opportunities in human rights and democracy.Foreign Affairs Job Board:
    19. United Nations Careers:

      • UN Careers
      • Centralized portal for job opportunities within the United Nations system.
    20. ResearchGate:

      • ResearchGate
      • Platform for connecting with researchers, sharing work, and discovering publications in the field of human rights and democracy.
    21. Jobs at the Council of Europe:

      • Council of Europe Jobs
      • Check for job opportunities with the Council of Europe, focusing on human rights, democracy, and the rule of law.
    22. International Center for Transitional Justice (ICTJ):

      • ICTJ Careers
      • Job opportunities with ICTJ, an organization working on transitional justice issues.
    23. International Rescue Committee (IRC):

      • IRC Careers
      • IRC focuses on humanitarian aid and often has job opportunities in human rights.
    24. International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (International IDEA):

      • International IDEA Careers
      • Explore career opportunities with International IDEA, specializing in democracy and electoral assistance.
    25. European External Action Service (EEAS) – Vacancies:

      • EEAS Vacancies
      • Check for job opportunities with the European External Action Service, particularly in diplomatic and international relations roles.

    Resources for job applications: 

    • Resumé Genius: This website provides free resume templates and a step-by-step resume builder to help you create a professional and tailored resume.
    • The Balance Careers: The Balance Careers offers a range of articles and guides on resume writing, cover letters, and general career advice. It covers various industries and job levels.

    Opportunities for training, volunteering, and conferences, and online courses platforms:

    Useful courses, podcasts, readings and materials that can help you decide the next steps in your human rights career:

    • The Road Less Traveled Podcast

      • Developed by an alumna to help you explore human rights careers.
      • Website Link
    • Find Your Dream Job Podcast

      • A podcast offering insights and advice to help individuals find their dream jobs.
      • Podcast Link

    Videos and links about mentoring