CfA – Selection of 3 E.MAlumni to participate in the Forum “Human Rights Education and Beyond”, Luxe

Selection of 3 E.MAlumni to participate in the Forum “Human Rights Education and Beyond”, Luxembourg 7 March 2013.

Dear All,

Professor Jean-Paul Lehners (University of Luxembourg) is selecting three E.MAlumni to be involved in the forum titled “Human Rights Education and Beyond” that will take place in Luxembourg on 7 March 2013.

Please find below more information concerning the event and a link to the Agenda.

The E.MAlumni selected will be involved in the panel: “Conversation with 3 Graduates from the Master’s Degree Programme on Human Right and Democratisation: “New Insights on Human Rights Education” ”. The conversation shall propose 3 different topics/approaches to the theme of the conference from different conceptual, theoretical, regional, coming and from different scientific disciplines on the topic of Human Rights Education.

Travel and accommodation expenses covered by the organizer.

Deadline for application 10 January 2013. Please email to and to

· A motivation letter highlighting how your experience matching with the forum topic and your theoretical, regional and disciplinary background;

· A Curriculum Vitae.


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“Human Rights Education and Beyond”

7th of March 2013, Abbey Neumünster – Luxembourg

Liberty and freedom of teaching and research in higher education are based on guaranteed Human Rights for teacher and students. Human Rights are the foundation on which universities develop their contribution to democratic societies.

After the first edition in 2011, the European University Foundation – Campus Europae and the UNESCO Chair in Human Rights of the University of Luxembourg invite to the second edition of the “Luxembourg Forum on Human Rights and Higher Education”. The Forum will bring together a group of outstanding personalities from all parts of Europe:

The former Minister of Justice of the Federal Republic of Germany, Professor Herta Däubler-Gmelin, is teaching “Human Rights” at the Free University of Berlin. She will open the conference with an introductory contribution on “Human Rights as the Core of Higher Education”.

The former Rector of the University of Novi Sad (Serbia) and UNESCO Chair in Entrepreneurial Studies and Research, Professor Fuada Stankovic, will initiate a panel discussion on Human Rights Education in different societies with a presentation on “Human rights Education in post-Yugoslavian Societies”. Post-Yugoslavian societies may be considered as a “laboratory” where people with different religious ideas live together.

The Vice-Rector of the Veliky Novgorod State University (Russia), Professor Mikhail Pevzner, will describe the current situation of “Human Rights Education in post Soviet Society”. The topic carries a particular interest as the Russian opposition is accusing the Russian government of infringing Human Rights.

The Dean of the Faculty of Law, Economics and Finance of the University of Luxembourg, Professor Stefan Braum, will discuss the argument that Human Rights are a Western European invention. This reasoning is regularly employed by non-western politicians and dates back to the negotiations on the UN-Declaration of Human Rights in 1948.

The Head of the Education Department of the Council of Europe, Sjur Bergan, will give a report about the initiatives the Council of Europe has launched in the last decades. The Council of Europe promoted large number of activities to bring Human Rights into the reality of Higher Education.

Professor Robert Harmsen, University of Luxembourg will speak about ”Democracy, Human Rights and the University: Challenges of a Global Era” to open the view beyond European borders.

The UNESCO Chair in Human Rights, Professor Jean-Paul Lehners, University of Luxembourg, will deal with the implementation of Human Rights Education, while presenting the programme “European Master’s degree in Human Rights and Democracy”. More than 30 Universities all over Europe participate in this programme. Three graduates of this programme will discuss the outcomes of their studies and their professional experience.

It is important to note that Human Rights are not only a subject in many study programmes, but they have to be an integral part of academic life. Social, political, economic and cultural progress requires an environment protected and fortified by a strong respect for Human Rights. Higher Education is more than the training of useful employees and successful employers, but the education of active citizens.

The second Luxembourg Forum on “Human Rights Education and beyond” is organised under the auspices of the Secretary General of the Council of Europe, Mr. Thorbjørn Jaglandland by the European University Foundation-Campus Europae and the UNESCO Chair for Human Rights of the University of Luxembourg and sponsored by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research of the Government of the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg

Agenda(in PDF format)

The Forum will be held at the 7th of March 2013 in the Abbey Neumünster. Please register with the Secretariat of European University Foundation – Campus Europae at: