Access to libraries – access to the Hein Online library database

Just finished EMA and no longer have access to any online libraries? Your job cancelled their online library access, or simply haven’t got the article you really need right now? Wanting to research a topic, maybe even write about it but you have no university affiliation? Considering a career change but need to really read up on some things? EMAlibraries can likely help…

E.MAlumni now offers supportive members the possibility to access a great academic resource – Hein Online. With EIUC supporting the initiative, you can enjoy a wide range of human rights-related academic content, or just read up on other topics you’re interested in. Simply fill out the request form and we will send you your unique access code.

Please allow for a few days to process the request for access codes. If it is urgent, email after having filled in the request and we will see what we can do to speed up the process. Please note this project’s continuation is subject to evaluation and funding.

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