General Assembly

General Assemblies are a central element in the life of the EMAlumni Association. The main purpose of the General Assembly (GA) is to review and approve the Board’s activity and financial report, the adoption of changes to the statute and a general discussion on aims and directions of the Association.

In 2019, the GA approved the reports and activity plan presented by the board and agreed to change the dates of the next GA and to update the Association’s logo. It also elected two new board members: Theodora Ralli and Charles Slidders.

2019/2020 Board members (missing Jennifer Vallentine)

The General Assemblies are run in accordance with article 13 of the statutes of the EMAlumni Association. The GA consists of all full members (Supportive Members contributing members who paid the 20 euros fee). It takes place once a year and only full members can vote and be elected as board members.

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