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All EMA alumni are automatically members of the association. However, if you pay your membership fee, you will be considered a Supportive Member.

Supportive Members can:

Your contribution really makes a difference! With an annual contribution of 20 EUR (you can donate more if you want), you help to keep the EMAlumni Association as a vibrant network running projects that support and connect all EMA graduates.

Please choose one of the following payment options – bank transfer, Transferwise or Paypal. Important: state your full name and year of graduation in the transfer description so we know who to allocate the membership to. While making the payment please make sure that the total amount is credited to the Association. The payment runs on a calendar year basis (except for recent graduates who pay in Sep-Dec and are automatically considered supportive member in the following year) . If you have any questions or need support, contact .

Thank you!

Bank Transfer

Account Name: EMAlumni Association Vzw
IBAN code: BE13746031611439

Bank Name: KBC
Address: KBC Brussels Marnix / Havenlaan 2 / 1080 Brussels /


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*Paypal charges a 1.23 EUR to make transfers using their service, so you should send 21.23 EUR (or more).


transferwise is a secure and safe online service to transfer money abroad easily and quickly with low-cost money transfers. Make sure you send your contribution to the bank account aforementioned.

Other engagement opportunities

  • Apply to be a facilitator for the annual Career Day
  • Be active on our Social Media
  • Subscribe to our Newsletter and send us your updates to be included in the next issue

Words from supportive members

“I paid my membership contribution because I believe in the EMAlumni Association as a fundamental network for helping EMA graduates to find their way in the human rights world and promoting projects that foster human rights values..”

Vito Todeschini (EMA Graduate 2011-12),
Associate Legal Adviser, International Commission of Jurists, MENA Programme

“I paid my membership contribution because I believe in being part of a unique human rights defenders community.”

Gallianne Palayret (EMA Graduate 2002-03)
Human Rights Officer with OHCHR Cambodia

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