What is EMAlumni?

The EMAlumni Association represents Europe’s leading body of human rights practitioners, activists, and defenders. The EMAlumni Association gathers the alumni of the European Master’s Degree in Human Rights and Democratisation (EMA), based in Venice, Italy and composed of 42 Participating Universities. It is also the founding association under the Global Campus Alumni umbrella and it coordinates the network.

It is an international, non-governmental, not-for-profit organisation which pursues the following main objectives:

  • The establishment of a durable dialogue and increase interaction among EMAlumni (at a professional and personal level)
  • The enhancement of EMAlumni’s professional expertise and capacity
  • The strengthening of the link with EMA and EIUC, support of EIUC and Global Campus activities
  • The Cooperation with other Global Campus Alumni Associations
  • The promotion of Human Rights and Democracy in Europe and in the world.

EMAlumni Mission and Vision

Academic institutions are increasingly judged not just by the credentials of their professors or their prestige but by the success of their graduates and their loyalty to the institution from which they graduated. Alumni associations play a crucial role in this aspect.

The EMAlumni aims to create a solid community of graduates of the European Master’s Degree in Human Rights Master and Democratisation with a strong link to the Master’s Programmes. We strive to create a community of graduates who will be in a position to co-operate with each other professionally, to launch initiatives together, and to contribute to the further development of their Master Programme through donations or services such as lecturing. This continued community and network is a priceless added value to the academic qualification which potential applicants will pay great attention to. It furthermore leads graduates to value more the unique learning experience they had which goes much beyond the academic modules and is also very much about fellow students. The EMAlumni will keep them connected to the institution as they realise that the programme does not end with graduation but continues to help them at every stage of their professional development.

Our vision is a dense network of graduates of the EMA programme who stay in close contact to each other, to their Master Programme and universities and to the Alumni Association and who, through this contact, engage in a mutual exchange of knowledge, experience and support and on human rights initiatives. The ultimate aim of this community will be to contribute to the strengthening of the promotion of human rights.


Connect: We connect alumni so they can learn from and support each other and ultimately fulfil their potential to promote human rights – whichever career they are in. We achieve this for example through a mentoring programme, a structure of local hubs in over 30 cities where graduates meet in person, and a comprehensive website for a truly global exchange.

Support: Services which offer graduates the possibility to further qualify themselves or sharpen their profile will ultimately result in more effective human rights promotion. We therefore offer for example discounted professional career coaching through experts with a human rights background, discounts on training programmes and reduced participation fees for relevant events as well as relevant job and internship listings.

Promote: The EMAlumni also directly supports the academic institutions by promoting the academic programmes and trainings on offer. Only by having the largest possible pool of applicants will it be possible to admit the best candidates and potential future activists, professionals and experts in human rights and democratisation. EMAlumni therefore continuously develops and professionalises its database of contacts and create partnerships with like-minded individuals and organisations from EU Institutions to NGOs. We furthermore organise events and use Social Media to raise awareness of the unique qualification and training possibilities

Collaborate: EMAlumni sees its role as a critical friend for the Master Programmes of the Global Campus and through engagement from alumni strengthen the ties between graduates and the academic institutions. We furthermore help continuously enrich and improve the academic programme and ensure its relevance for the professional field of human rights.

Since 2019, the Association started using the term Alum (singular) and Alumni (plural) when talking about its members. Following the example of other Alumni Associations, we believe that ‘alum’ is a gender-neutral option that allows for a respectful and inclusive communication.


The EMAlumni Association receives financial and in kind co-financing contributions from EIUC which have allowed us to employ a Secretary General who is the backbone of the day-to-day business and provides continuity and consistency. The Association also collects membership contributions and donations from alumni and will aim to raise additional funds for projects from individuals and organisations to further secure the independence and sustainability of the organisation. Furthermore it is built on the commitment of alumni who are part of the Board and those who all dedicate their time, expertise and effort as volunteers and interns.

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