First Feedback GA 2013

Dear E.MAlumni,

After two years of gathering in Brussels, the E.MAlumni Association returned home for its 3rd annual General Assembly at the Monastery of San Nicolo on Lido from 25 to 26 January.

The weekend kicked off on Friday 25 January with the E.MA Career Day. The goal of the Career Day was to relive the E.MA experience, to reconnect with former colleagues and to refresh our thinking on what’s going on in our field! It has been agreed that fellow Masteroni will gather each year informally on 27 January.

Have a look at the short introductory video:

Full videos will be made available as soon as possible.

On Saturday 26th, the E.MAlumni Board 2.0 members gave briefings on a range of ongoing activities at the E.MAlumni Association General Assembly. It is particularly encouraging and stimulating to hear about so many new initiatives and developments that we will all surely benefit from.

Our meeting was also joined by three very special guests: representatives of the Regional Masters Programme from Eastern Europe, the Asia-Pacific region and Latin America. They reported on their respective programmes and we are looking forward to cooperating with them as part of a Global Campus Alumni Initiative.

Saturday afternoon ended with a very interesting round-table with members of the E.MAlumni and Global Campus Alumni entitled: Intercultural Human Rights or Playing God in the South? Our participants contributed with their experience of development work in the field in various contexts and provided much room for interesting discussions.

The highlight of the day was a very inspiring speech by Professor Antonio Papisca (download full text), founder of E.MA, on Human Rights in the Global Perspective – Intercultural Achievement in the Regional Context. This was preceded by the launch of the Global Campus Alumni Initiative which brings together alumni from six Regional Masters on five continents.

The contribution of EIUC was fundamental to make these events possible, let us take this opportunity to renew our gratitude to EIUC for the generous and constant support to the E.MAlumni Association.

Although many of you could not join us in person, we were delighted to see that around 140 of you followed us on the live stream of the event as well as on Facebook and Twitter. If you participated (in presence or remotely) to the GA, please give your feedback here.

Finally, we would like to remind you that the E.MAlumni Association exists for, and is defined by, its members. You play an integral part in strengthening our networks and we want to make sure that the activities and projects we organise support you in your career, help you connect with others and enable you to make the most of your E.MA experience. We would therefore like to take this opportunity to invite you to renew your annual membership fee and benefit fully from being part of this unique community. Details on how to make your payment can be found here:

It was a pleasure to see you in Venice and we look forward to seeing you again next year!