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Cyprien MUNAZI M.

Hello, Dear friends,

I have been grateful to receive a lot from the European MAster’s programme during the academic year 2007-2008. Being already board member of the EMAlumni Association, I am currently on a PhD research in Law and Political Science at the Montpellier University in France. Upon completion of the EMA programme in Lido, I had the opportunity to represent the students of the European Inter-University Centre (EIUC)  at the European Development Days on Climate Change held in Lisbon. I also attended a workshop in Luxembourg on environment with fellow EMA students.  I do remember the significant and marvellous experience during our study trip to Kosovo and Serbia. So, I wish to continue to take part in the Association activities as board member.  My  intention is to strengthen the EMAlumni Association by MORE  actively interacting with other participants and different human rights professionals wherever possible throughout the world. My experience and interests include the rights of asylum seekers  and protection of refugee rights, the rights and protection of  children and women, security issues, violence prevention, justice and human rights protection basically in post-conflict areas.  All in all, that is about me as board member and former EMA graduate and current board member willing and determined to continue serving in the same position.

All the best to all of us !