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Nelleke Groen

In essence, I can only agree with you Sandrine. It is unfortunate that our international community is so hestitant (and divided) as to how to respond to this. Though I wouldn't recite your words Cristiano (devil on earth), Osama bin Laden is someone where I would say that it is less a matter of fairness as to what happens to him, than that it is a matter of principle. I would want the international community to reinstate that principle and ask Obama for clarity.

(and yes, I know that the US will not give clarity here, but still)

And the good points you made aside (the remark of Obama, what is the understanding of justice), I struggle with my own personal feelings. In some ways, I couldn't care less, because it is Osama bin Laden. But then, it is that attitude that threathens the principle of human rights. The indifference makes me a (minor) accomplice, but I lack the time or energy to make a greater contribution in this case. And also, we're back at the indifference :-s.