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GCA Webmaster

Dear Giorgos, Dear Board members,


We did not have the “manifested” unanimity in supporting Krisztina’s candidacy (among current candidates) but we did not see any opposition either and it must be considered that some candidates may not have visited the forum meanwhile. As a supporter of transparency I think everybody against Krisztina's candidacy should bear the responsibility of opposing it ether publicly or, at least, in the anonymity with you. If no opposition arise I think the considerations made by Iva and Sofia are fully valid and we should accept the candidacy of Krisztina.


If there is an issue of fairness with regards to other late candidates (those you have heard about) my suggestion would be to leave the candidacy open until 25 June (and vote 25 June-30 June – or 1-15 July) and make a (separate?) poll just among them for the available seats (but I am not against having all of us in the same poll).


I think the Association should try to accept this “state of exception” because the situation in which the whole election is running is showing its own limits, for exemple with reference to the number of candidates.