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Dear Giorgos and Board members,

As I stated earlier, I will fully comply with the outcome decision of the board and fellow candidates. As it is now, I have no other choice than to abide by the ‘rules’.

Dear Lynn, thanks so much for expressing your support. It meant a lot for me even if at the end it did not make a difference in the result.

Dear fellow candidates, thank you so much for your overwhelming support and all your compelling arguments sustaining my candidacy for board member. Although in the next two years I will not have decision making power, in my capacity as an E.MA alumni, I can still lobby for ideas, suggest proposals and offer creative new ways for initiating projects, let alone, support the work of the new board members by other method.

In the past, many times I have had been sidelines which never halted my determination, enthusiasm or creativity, if anything it had inspired me to spark even more creative ideas. I wait in anticipation the formation of the new EMAlumni board.

Wishing you all the best!