JM Rogue – 2008/2009

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    Jean-Marie Rogue

    Dear colleagues,

    I may certainly not be the best at campaigning so I will do it in a very austere way, just trying to answers the questions I received as suggestions :

    About me:

    • French, Male, 38.
    • E.MA 2008/2009.
    • Based in Brussels, working in NGO human rights advocacy to the EU since 2011.

    What motivates you to run for the Board elections?

    • Having benefited from the E.MA and E.MAlunmi I feel it is time I make a contribution to the building.
    • Also, working on a daily basis in defense of human rights, I’ve come to realise how they are not a given, how fragile this acquis is, how realistic it is that one day all this will have disappeared, and so, how necessary it is – more than ever – to maintain a dynamic connection between individuals and institutions in favour of human rights.

    What do you see for the future of the organisation?

    • I see it as part of the response to the previous point: more than an usual alumni association, more than just connections, it should be able to play a role in the battle for the defense of human rights.
    • This being said, to do so it should be strong and sustainable. That’s for the inside.
    • For the outside, connection and recognition is essential.

    What do you bring to the association?

    • Several years of experience in the area of NGO work in human rights.
    • Good connections in the NGO world.
    • Good practical knowledge of and connections with the European Union.
    • Practical-idealism.

    The E.MA is not a Master’s Degree like any other. We don’t only share an experience of having studied together, of having lived together. We share a common ideal, and this is exceptional. This is and should remain at the heart of what we do as an alumni association.


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