About the Mentoring Programme

The Mentoring Programme is one of the key activities of the Global Campus Alumni (GCA). It aims to connect alumni with more experienced human rights professionals for support, advice and the exchange of fresh ideas. The Programme provides open space for alumni interested in receiving guidance on their professional and personal development, as well as for human rights experts keen on building their coaching skills and supporting and inspiring fellow alumni to fulfill their potential. Since 2012, over 251 mentors and mentees have participated and benefited from this unique opportunity.*

“It was a great opportunity to understand the way to redirect my career to go back to where my passion and interests are. My mentor helped me with that. She tried to translate my ideas and will and put them into practice.” – Mentee 2015


Any professional with relevant background and interest in human rights can become a Mentor, but only Global Campus alumni can become a Mentee.**The Mentorship Programme is coordinated and supported by the Mentoring Task Force, composed of other alumni from the different regional master´s programmes under the framework of the Global Campus of Human Rights. The GCA Mentoring Programme is free of charge.

What to expect?

Following registration, mentors and mentees get access to the pool of alumni and are able to browse through the different profiles, get in touch with people they are interested in, and find a suitable match according to their needs, expectations, and availability.**

Upon request, at the end of the Mentoring Programme, the participants are awarded with a certificate for participation by the GCA.

How do I register?

Registration for the 9th cycle is closed, but you can join the waiting list for the 10th edition.

To sign up as a mentor, please fill this form.

To sign up as a mentee, please fill this form. 

Further information

Read the FAQ& Guideline section and to discover what Mentoring is all about.

Any questions? Contact our mentoring team by sending an email to info@globalcampusalumni.org. You can also reach us through our LinkedIn. 

*The matching will be done depending on the number of available mentors and mentees for this call for registrations. It is possible for one mentor to be matched with more than one mentee due to the disproportion of the participants. Please note, the GCA is not providing a mentorship service, rather it facilitates the process of connecting, helping and sharing between the GC alumni.

**The Mentoring Programme does not secure employment, so please do not expect offers for job positions and other professional engagement. It is a Programme aimed to connect GC alumni to help each other to advance their personal and professional life.