The Global Campus Alumni Careers Programme. 

The GCA Careers Programme aims to help our alumni advance their careers in human rights.
It contains two main tracks: a Mentoring Track, and a Careers Track. More information on the GCA Careers Track will follow soon.

The Global Campus Alumni Mentoring Track:

The GCA Mentoring Track is one of the key activities of the Global Campus Alumni (GCA). It aims to connect recent graduates/less experienced alumni with more experienced human rights professionals for support, advice, and exchange of fresh ideas. It aims to help alumni expand their horizons and find suitable career paths. The Track also helps human rights experts develop their coaching skills, and supporting and inspiring fellow alumni to fulfill their potential.

However, the Mentoring Track is not, in any way, a replacement for professional psychological support when needed. 

The Mentoring Track is managed by the GCA team within the Global Campus of Human Rights. It is also supported by Niamh Walsh, an alumna who works as a university careers advisor.  

Since 2012, over 290 mentors and mentees have participated and benefited from this unique opportunity.*

“It was a great opportunity to understand the way to redirect my career to go back to where my passion and interests are. My mentor helped me with that. She tried to translate my ideas and will and put them into practice.” – Mentee  


Any professional with a relevant background and interest in human rights can become a Mentor, but only a Global Campus alumna/alumnus can become a Mentee.**

The GCA Mentoring Track is free of charge.

What to expect?

  • First, you need to register. 
  • We will do the selection, then share mentor profiles with mentees and mentee profiles with mentors.
  • Each mentee will review mentor profiles and select those most interesting to them. They will then contact selected mentors with a brief motivational email.
  • If the mentor accepts the mentee, he/she (the mentor), will inform the GCA’s coordinator, and the mentoring relationship will begin. It is possible to sign a mentoring agreement, but not necessary. 
  • The GCA team will organize workshops for both mentors and mentees, both to help them be better mentors/mentees, and to help the mentees make better career decisions. 
  • The GCA team will invite mentees to take part in specific GCA careers workshops within the overall GCA Careers Programme which focus on CV’s and cover letters, whenever relevant. 
  • Upon finalizing the Track, the mentors and mentees will fill a short feedback form, and receive a mentoring certificate. 


How do I register?


To sign up as a mentor, please fill this form.

To sign up as a mentee, please fill this form. 


Further information

Read the FAQ& Guideline section and to discover what Mentoring is all about.

Any questions? Contact our mentoring team by sending an email to You can also reach us through our LinkedIn. 


Please note that: 

*The matching will be done depending on the number of available mentors and mentees for this call for registrations. It is possible for one mentor to be matched with more than one mentee due to the disproportion of the participants. 

**The Mentoring Track does not secure employment, so please do not expect offers for job positions and other professional engagement. It is a Programme aimed to connect GC alumni to help each other to advance their personal and professional life.

***The GCA is not providing a mentorship service, rather it facilitates the process of connecting, helping and sharing between the GC alumni.