The roadmap for the GCA: 


 The roadmap for reimagining the GCA includes 3 phases: 

1- Needs assessment. During this phase our aim is to listen to the needs of the alumni and the best practices that lead to their previous engagement. This includes the survey that you may have encountered, and various brainstorming sessions with local alumni associations, to learn what best practices had previous success and impact for the alumni. 

2- A recreation phase. During this phase we listen to each other, brainstorm and generate ideas. Ideas about how the network can take shape to support the needs and aspirations of the alumni. During this phase we work together to establish the core identity of the GCA reimagined, it’s core activities, and its presence through communications channels renewed. We’d also want to think about the structure and sustainability of the GCA.  

3- A stabilization phase. During this phase we mainstream our best practices and processes, we stabilize what the GCA has come to be, and make sure it delivers its promise to all those involved. We make sure that processes are clear, inclusive, democratic, and transferrable. 



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