Times of change: Closing of the GCA Association and transfer of GCA activities to Global Campus of Human Rights

Global Campus Alumni (GCA) counts today almost 4,000 alumni. The seed for this network was planted only very recently with the first assembly of the association in 2014 and the official registration in 2016. In just 6 years, GCA has already flourished as a strong alumni network with an even bigger potential, gained its space in the newly established Global Campus of Human Rights (GC) and managed to create a global alumni identity. We are very proud of having been part of this journey, supporting this amazing network, and look forward to seeing it grow stronger.

The GCA was until now registered as an association in Brussels; the administrative and organisational burden had become too heavy for an emerging network. It was therefore decided in May 2020 to close the association Global Campus Alumni and transfer the activities from GCA (as an independent association) to Global Campus of Human Rights. The voice of alumni will continue to be heard as the Global Campus of Human Rights will continue to work with a system of GCA representatives from the different regional alumni networks and associations.

It is important to stress that closing the association does not mean that GCA will not continue. GCA will continue to exist as a community of alumni exchanging and supporting each other across the world.

For all alumni affairs, please contact from now on Giacomo Ottonello, the new alumni focal point at Global Campus of Human Rights: giacomo.ottonello@gchumanrights.org

Carla Miranda, GC Europe 2015, Secretary-General

Amila Madzak, GC South East Europe 2015 and Véronique Lerch, GC Europe 1999, GCA board members