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Volunteer Role in London

1st September 2021

Charity ABC are looking for a volunteer to go and work in…

Human Rights Tea Party on 31st January 2022

Some Human Rights Groups have announced a new event in January 2022

Human Rights Lawyer in Brussels

30th August 2021

We have a new listing for a lawyer position in…

Spongebob Squarepants promoted to head of UN

In a surprise announcement a cartoon character has been…

Upcoming Event: Child Rights Meetup 14th September

The Child Rights meetup event is happening 14th September

China promotes rights of cats above people

26th August 2021

China today announced that cats will have more rights than…

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About the GCA

The Global Campus Alumni (GCA) is a network of seven alumni regional associations gathering more than 4,000 experts, activists and professionals spread throughout the world, all alumni who graduated from one of the master programmes of the Global Campus of Human Rights (GC), with headquarters in Venice, Italy

The GCA has the following objectives:

  • Promote interaction among the Members and support their development through advice, expertise and networking;
  • Strengthen professional relationships, peer-to-peer exchange and links with the Global Campus of Human Rights;
  • Promote the work of the Members at regional and international human rights fora;

Through the work of the Members help contribute to the broader goal of the protection and promotion of human rights.

The GCA Network

GCA builds connections, creates opportunities and shares expertise amongst GC graduates. Through the online platform, they can rekindle memories and experiences; find fellow graduates across the globe and exchange with colleagues shaping human rights practice and working in diverse roles.


“I am convinced that the programme represents a great opportunity and a very useful tool for those of us who have chosen to work in defence of Human Rights.”

Francisco Urizar – LATMA – Cohort  – 2016/17

“ARMA helped to combine my practical experience with theoretical human rights education within a challenging environment. It was also an extraordinary experience to learn and interact with academics and fellow students from diverse background from all over the world; share experience, perspectives and knowledge with one another.”

– Haneen Iyead Mraiyan – ARMA – Cohort 2016/17

“My proudest achievement in the field of Human RIghts is being the only woman in a team of 8 to publish a safety an security manual for the media that has a Swahili version globally. The LLM programme really helped me improve my writing and analysis skills.”

Ivy Evonne Wanjiku Kihara – HRDA – Cohort 2010