Center for European Studies Alumni Association NGO

CES Alumni Association as an NGO has been established in Armenia in 2019. The goal of the organization is to support the democratization process, protection of human rights and establishment of European values in Armenia and in the post-soviet region.

The main objectives of the Association are:

  • To independently develop scientific and educative work based on the best skills and needs of its members,
  • To run scientific research, educative projects, which will be devoted to the political processes, democratic challenges, research on societal and cultural phenomenon in the regional,
  • To organize trainings, forums, scientific conferences and other formal and non-formal educative event for target groups,
  • To run joint research and finalize publications,
  • To network other scientific establishments to run join research and projects.

Nuno Oliveira

Representative of the Association

Association member from Portugal. Nuno is a human rights defender with experience as a researcher and consultant in digital rights and cybersecurity. He holds degrees in Environmental Health, Occupational Safety Engineering, Master in Environmental Policy Management, and he is an alumnus of the HRD of 2022.