About the GCA

The Global Campus Alumni (GCA) is a network of seven alumni regional associations gathering more than 4,000 experts, activists and professionals spread throughout the world, all alumni who graduated from one of the master programmes of the Global Campus of Human Rights (GC), with headquarters in Venice, Italy


The GCA has the following objectives:

  • Promote interaction among the Members and support their development through advice, expertise sharing and networking.
  • Strengthen professional relationships, peer-to-peer exchange and links with the Global Campus of Human Rights.
  • Promote the work of the Members at regional and international human rights fora.

Through the work of the Members help contribute to the broader goal of the protection and promotion of human rights.

The GCA Network

The GCA builds connections, creates opportunities and shares expertise amongst GC graduates. Through connecting with the GCA, they can rekindle memories and experiences; find fellow graduates across the globe, develop their professional skills, and exchange with colleagues shaping human rights practice and working in diverse roles.