GC Human Rights Preparedness: Amplifying Alumni Voices




Welcome to the Human Rights Preparedness blog, a Global Campus initiative highlighting the indispensable role of human rights in our responses to pandemics of any kind. Emergencies such as COVID-19 underscore the ongoing necessity to establish and enforce strong human rights frameworks. 

Started in 2020, the Human Rights Preparedness blog harnesses the collective wisdom and experiences of experts to advocate for a rights-based approach to crises worldwide. As such, it is also a place where the Global Campus alumni can come together for human rights in the face of emergencies. 


Alumni Engagement:

Our alumni network, which includes faculty, researchers, practitioners, and experts from over 100 universities worldwide, plays a vital role in this initiative. We encourage both young and senior alumni to share their insights, stories, and reflections on the intersection of human rights with pandemics and other emergencies. Many have already contributed and published on various themes and geographic perspectives. We also offer a programme titled ‘Alumni Regional Correspondents’ whereby we select young alumni and train them to write blog posts in their area of expertise. Calls for application are published once every 1-2 years.


Explore previous contributions: https://gchumanrights.org/preparedness.html


Get Involved:


As an alumnus/a, your perspectives are invaluable in shaping the discourse and promoting resilience and equity in times of crisis. All submissions to GC Human Rights Preparedness should have a clear human rights orientation, aiming overall to contribute towards the development of a rights-based approach to pandemics and other emergencies.


If you wish to contribute to GC Human Rights Preparedness, follow the guidelines on the Human Rights Preparedness blog page: https://gchumanrights.org/preparedness/contribute.html