HRDA Alumni Association

The HRDA Alumni counts more than 636 (April 2023 update) members currently active in the full spectrum of human rights work. From grassroots, to the civil service in their respective countries, to international organisations including the African Union and the United Nations. Since the pioneers completed the programme in December 2000, class or country networks have been established and exist informally.

These country networks were officially formulated into one association during the Alumni Conference which took place at the University of Pretoria on 10 December 2009. Since then, the Alumni have gone on to celebrate the association’s 20th anniversary with a three-day programme from 8 – 10 December 2019.

The celebration which included a symposium, the launch of the newly published Alumni Diaries and other events further keyed into the core objective of the Graduate programme as the LLM/MPhil HRDA Alumni were able to forge new partnerships and synergise towards a more formidable group of vanguards for human rights education in Africa and beyond.

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Meet the HRDA Alumni Coordinator, Davina Murden.

Passionate about politics, Davina Murden holds an undergraduate degree in Political Science from the University of Mauritius. After her degree, she got the opportunity to be part of the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI), funded by the US Embassy and held in South Africa for one month. She has also been among the first Mauritians to be part of the African Presidential Leadership Programme (APLP) in Egypt, sponsored by its government. Driven by the will to reshape the African continent, she became the first Country Liaison for Mauritius at the Young Politicians and Leaders Network, based in Ghana, which has the aim of bringing together African leaders who think together for solutions in Africa. She is also a former member of a political party where she helped in the organisation of awareness campaigns/debates which need close attention in Mauritian society like drugs, inequality or even the environment. 

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