This post submitted to us by Julia Runte,

In response to the Afghanistan crisis, the GC reached out to our member universities to ask them for their availability to host Afghan scholars and students. We were encouraged by the strong willingness expressed by many Rectors and Professors in our network to join the project, providing threatened individuals a safe haven in very uncertain times. After having secured financial support from the European Union, we created the Afghan Scholars and Students at Risk scholarship programme.

Within the framework of this project, we are placing scholars and students at our GC member universities to continue their work and studies for the 2021/22 academic year and beyond, especially those who are under threat because of their research and activism, or at particular risk of exclusion from academia because of their gender or ethnicity. Recipients receive a living allowance, along with the safety to continue to study and thrive in an academic environment.

At this stage in our programme, we are still receiving nominations. In addition to the financial support from the European Commission, we were fortunate to receive additional support from the Right Livelihood foundation, with additional contributions from Kahane Foundation and Fondazione Venezia, which gives us a certain flexibility and means that we still have capacities to provide additional scholarships.

In light of the difficult visa procedures we encountering (especially from Pakistan and Iran), we would like to focus on Afghan individuals who are already located in a country where we have a GC member university (any, not only the EU). Please note that, as a university network, we sadly cannot directly assist with evacuations from within Afghanistan

If you have anyone you would like to nominate or would like more information, please email Julia Runte at